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Roy's Rockin' Pecan Pie

Needing a southern pecan pie recipe yesterday, I contacted our friend Roy, a man of many culinary talents. Roy, a Southerner through and through, really knows his stuff when it comes to southern cooking. I knew I could count on him to come through with a great recipe, so I fired off a quick email. He wrote back saying he a had a perfect recipe and, even better, it didn't have Karo syrup! I'm not exactly sure what the big scare is about Karo syrup these days. I know, I know, it's high fructose corn syrup and it's in everything from fruit juice to ketchup to crackers. And for some reason, it is now to be avoided at all costs unless you want to die a sticky, slow death,

...or something like that.

"Fine, no Karo. I'm cool with that. But what I want to know is, will this provide THE Southern Pecan Pie Experience? Can it deliver? I have a girl here who is spending her last Thanksgiving at home with her family before she marries and moves two million miles away from me. And she has requested a true-blue, gen-u-ine Pea-Can Pie. This is serious business! I can NOT let her down."

At this point, Roy starts to get a little nervous. He begins to question whether his recipe is going to live up to the high expectations being placed on it. Will it be THAT good?? What if she is....disappointed?

Well, I'm happy to say that The Pie came through for us. It delivered. It hit the spot. It brought a big smile to my girl's face. It was perfect.

Yes, it was THAT good!

So, of course, now I have to share this recipe with all of you. I had faith that it was going to be a rockin' good recipe, so I even made photos while I was assembling it. You'll just have to try it out and see for yourselves.

Thanks, Roy. Your pie has earned a permanent spot on our Thanksgiving dessert buffet. And we're going to call it:

Roy's Rockin' Pecan Pie
(makes 2 pies)
1 Box (16 Ounces) Brown Sugar

1 Stick Butter

4 Eggs

2 Tablespoons Corn Meal

2 Tablespoons Water

2 Tablespoons Vanilla Flavouring

1 Pinch of salt

2 Cups crumbled pecans

2 unbaked deep dish pie shells

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees
Pour 1 cup of pecans in each pie shell
Mix all ingredients and pour over pecans
Bake on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes

The chopped pecans go in first.

This is almost a Paula Dean....Lots-o-butter and brown sugar!

There's Roy's Rockin' Pie, down front, before my girl attacked it.

Well??....The suspense was killing us!

What more can we say??

Hope you all had a rockin' good Thanksgiving Day!

Laura Lee


Alyssa said...

Looks good!! daddy needs to make some for us soon!

Anonymous said...

So good! Agh THANK YOU! :O) -Abby

Hon's Daddy said...

It's not that there's anything really wrong with Karo. Shoot, we drink it straight from the bottle most of the time. It's just that it's so darn finicky when you try to bake with it.

I am so glad (relieved) it was good.

I cant take full credit for it however. It was given to me by a lady who rinses her ground beef after it's been browned in the skillet....

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good recipe but hasn't it "Rocked" long enough????
More Blog, Please! G~Mama