What joy the gospel gives me. I can approach the throne of God with confidence, not because I've done a good job at my spiritual duties, but because I'm clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. ~ C.J. Mahaney

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Hello from beautiful Guangzhou!  We've already been here for three days and it's so hard to believe that we only have one full day left in China.  We arrived in GZ on Friday evening and were greeted by warm, balmy weather.  The island has a tropical feel, there are flowers everywhere, and it's a welcome change from the cooler weather in Beijing.  We're staying at the lovely White Swan hotel on Shamian Island.  Staying here is a highlight of the trip for several reasons, one of the best being the fabulous breakfast buffet.  It's the buffet to end all buffets.  I won't bore you with all the details, but I'm having to try really hard not to make a complete pig of myself in the mornings.

Saturday morning started early with our visa medical exam.  Caleb did great and handled everything in stride the way he typically does.  No tears or fears from him.  He's such a trooper.

Red Car was there, of course, like a good friend.

Vision test.  He did fine.

We came back to the room afterward and this Going Home Barbie was waiting for him.  I know, hilarious, huh?  The White Swan has traditionally given these to all the children who are adopted while they are staying here.  He was

We let him take her out of the box and he investigated her thoroughly.

And he took her as we walked all around the island.  See her little Chinese baby?

This little girl was very interested in his Barbie, too.


Sorry, couldn't resist.

Sunday morning we took a trip over to Yuntai Garden.  The colors were spectacular.  It's very difficult to describe the beauty of a garden and just as difficult to capture it in photos.  If you click on the pictures to enlarge them, the color will be so much better.

Here we are with our guide, Helen, in brown, and our new friends Sarah and Jim Marion. You can't see her here, but their new daughter, Lila, is just a precious little peanut.  She just turned two last month.  We're having the greatest time with them.  Jim's an Air Force pilot and they are currently stationed in New Mexico.  Lila has three older siblings waiting not so patiently at home to meet her.

Jim and Lila.

More flowers....

Double adorableness...

I honestly don't know who keeps hijacking my blog 
and posting pictures of cute kids.

So sorry.


We had our consulate appointment this morning and thankfully that went down just as expected.  There was some concern that the consulate might have to postpone the appointment if the government had to shut down.  I don't even want to think about what a pain it would have been to stay here waiting on the government to get it's act together.  So, praise God that is over with and Caleb will have his Chinese passport stamped with a US visa by tomorrow afternoon.  We will then be finished with everything we have to do before we can leave.

We have a very early wake up call on Wednesday morning and a killer day of flights and layovers ahead of us.  But I won't think about that right now.  For now we are going to just enjoy our last day here, do some power shopping, eat once more at Lucy's grill, and have fun with our new friends.

I thought some of my family might appreciate this photo of Tom from lunch today.  We ate there.  Way up there.  No, not KFC, higher up.  Yes!  Papa John's.  And it was delicious!


There Are No Orphans of God

I will not leave you as orphans.  I will come to you. ~ John 14:18

One Week Down, One Week to Go!

Ni Hao yet again from Beijing!  We're enjoying our last few days in in this huge city of over 13 million.  Only two more to go until we fly south to Guangzhou to finish up the American side of the adoption paperwork.  Tuesday was the annual "Tomb Sweeping" holiday in China.  Most everyone had the day off and the traffic was heavy getting into and out of the city.  So we opted to stay close to the hotel during the day and just walk to a local park for a few hours of exploring on our own.   We noticed a few people decided to ride their bikes to the park!

Jingshan Park was bustling with activity as people strolled the tree-lined sidewalks or found corners here and there to engage in various recreational pursuits.  We had the greatest time.  It probably took us 20 minutes to walk there and we stayed for nearly two hours.

Tuesday night we attended an acrobatic show, a first for us.  It was extremely well done!  I couldn't take photos, though.

Wednesday we took a rickshaw ride to the Hutong District of Beijing.  We were able to view a 350+ year old traditional four-wing home with the central courtyard.  People are still living in these homes today, and the government is doing a lot of restoration and preservation in the area.

We rode on a little further and ate lunch with a local family, right in their home! That has to be one of my favorite experiences from all my trips to China.  The food was delicious, much less saucy and not as highly seasoned as much that we've had.  They brought their adorable, chubby baby boy out to say hello.  My camera batteries had died right before we got there, and we had no spares with us.  Sad, sad, sad that I didn't get to capture those memories.

Speaking of food.  I hit a wall with the Chinese food about day three or four.  I love Chinese food and I love to try new things.  It just gets very difficult after a few days.  The past few days, however, I've really started enjoying it again, actually looking forward to each meal.  So much for the Two-Week China Weight Loss Program.  I'm probably going to gain a few at the rate I'm going.

We picked up some batteries at a tiny shop on our way to visit the ancient drum tower.  This is the way the official time was kept for many years.  The drum towers and the bell towers were situated around the walls of the ancient city.

We climbed ridiculously steep steps to reach the tower and arrived just as the hourly re-enactment was about to begin.  Seriously, take a look at the photo of the steps.  I couldn't even look up while I walked or I would have never climbed them.

Last night, for a change, Sylvia ordered Pizza Hut to be delivered to our room for dinner.  There were three very happy campers in room 934 of the Wangfujing Grand Hotel!  Pepperoni pizza and bread sticks with a surprise package of chicken nuggets. (The Chinese versions of our American favorites usually have a twist!)

Caleb seemed at least remotely familiar with pizza and wolfed down his fair share, alternately dunking every bite in garlic sauce then pizza sauce and then garlic sauce again.  We haven't found anything he won't eat.  Thus his description--"not picky about food"--has proved to be dead-on correct.

Today we visited the Beijing Zoo for a few hours.  I had heard the exhibits were old run down and the animals were not properly kept.  We just didn't find that to be the case at all.  A few of the exhibits could have used some sprucing up, but really we thought the zoo was lovely.

Caleb had a one track mind through the zoo- Da Xiang!  Elephant!!  All the other animals paled in comparison for him until we finally found his favorite one!  And outside the elephant exhibit was a whole herd of stone elephants perfect for little boys to climb!

When in Rome China...

We bought him a cob of corn to gnaw on as we walked.  That seemed to be the snack of choice for most people we saw, far more popular than cotton candy or popcorn.

More animals, more adorableness.

Caleb is still adjusting very well.  He has the happiest disposition of any little boy I know.  Just as I had hoped and prayed, he has an adventuresome spirit and loves to try new things.  He is a little mischievious and continues to "tease' us to see what he can get away with.  He tends to get wound up when he gets tired, instead of slowing down.  Then he gets giggly and silly and more impulsive in his behavior.  But for the most part, he is doing really well.  I'll be so happy when we can really communicate with each other.  That just isn't going to happen, unfortunately, until we leave China and he ceases to hear Chinese and we no longer have a guide we can depend on to translate.  As difficult as it will be for a while, I'm ready for it.

We learned today that Caleb was in foster care for almost his entire life--Feb 2006-Feb 2011.  He was raised by one family, who had three grown biological children and three foster children.  Caleb was the youngest of the foster children, with two six-year-old foster sisters.  At least he is familiar with playing with girls! What a blessing!  And he is used to being the youngest child.  Also a blessing!  Had he been the oldest of several foster children, he might have a harder time adjusting to being the youngest.

He told someone yesterday that he has "two mamas."  And I suppose he does.  I owe a lot to the the kind  lady and gentleman who took him in and provided a home for him for the past five years.  They did a good job with him and obviously loved him.  But he would have always been considered an orphan and would never have had the opportunities that a biological child would have.  He would always be a second-class citizen here.  An orphan with a visible physical difference (regardless of how minor or correctable) = two big strikes.  In America his opportunities will be limited only by his dreams.

Shhh!  Don't tell Caleb, but this evening we are taking him to McDonald's!  At home, it would be my last choice for a fast-food meal, but since we are quite limited in our selection of American restaurants, we're going to to take what we can get.  Sylvia tells us that parents often take their children to McDonald's as a very special treat, for making good grades or doing something else noteworthy.  Somehow, Caleb has had McDonald's before, we are told.  It should only set us back about 100 dollars! Chinese dollars, that is, or about $16 American dollars.

I'll stop here, before I lose you, too.