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Snow Dudes

Last week, I dragged out all my cheery, Christmasy prints and fashioned this guy onto a pillow. I think he's pretty cool. (cough, cough...) My inspiration was a paper plate printed with a snow man similar to this one.

I do that. All the time. I look at something and think, "Hmmmm, how can I copy that into a quilt, or pillow, or something....?"

So, anyway, this guy just spoke to me. I have a thing for snowmen. (Not like an obsession or anything--just a strong "like.") They're just happy, jolly fellows. Always smiling. Full of personality. Maybe it's just my way of bringing a little snow here to South Carolina where we rarely see any. So, yeah, I have a few snow dudes that come out at Christmastime.

I think I'll show you a few more. Hang on.....

OK, these were a stitching project from last year. I made a bunch of these felt ornaments as gifts.

This snowman quilt is a Thimbleberries pattern. Totally makes my heart happy.

Found this guy at a thrift store for a buck. He's made from wool felt.

This I won at an ornament swap. And you better believe I "stole" from somebody to bring this guy home! Have you ever done that? Everyone does that around here. Freaked me out the first time I went to a party and they played that game. But now, I steal with the best of them. And look what it got me....

My mother stitched a pair of these tea towels when we lived in Japan. She gave them to me when we first got married. Look what you started, Mom!

Another thrift store find. This guy was 25 cents!!! He's an old, retro ornament probably from the 50's or 60's.

Our cookie jar. Mom won him in a contest and gave him to me. Thanks again, Mom.

And last, but not is "Willy Melt?" Alyssa won him by naming him in the contest last year on my blog. He was inspired by a gift box. No shortage of inspiration on those.

So there they are... my snow dudes on parade.

Let it snow...Let it snow...Let it snow!

Laura Lee