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Willy Melt?

I sure hope he won't!

Alyssa, he is coming to warm your heart and your home. Congratulations on winning the snowman quilt! Please email me with your mailing address so I can send him out to you in a scurry! Thanks to everyone who played along with the name game. They were all so cute. Tom, my impartial judge, studied all the names and had a difficult time making his choice. In the end, he said he was sure a lot of thought went into "Willy Melt?"

I have ornaments for everyone who participated. If you would like one and I don't already have your mailing address, please send it to me at:

thomastemple at bellsouth dot net

Obviously, type it the "normal" way.

Laura Lee


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Very Cute! Congrats Alyssa!

erika klipa said...

Okay, Okay,
Willy Melt? is VERY cute! I agree with the Judge!

Misty said...


Of course I'm green with envy!! But she deserved it. It's beautiful.