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Muffins That Taste Like Donuts


Here's a great recipe for my muffin-loving mateys.  My friend, Joy in China, posted this recipe to her Facebook page this morning.  Being a muffin and donut lover, I thought these sounded like the perfect complement to my morning cup o' tea.

I wasn't disappointed.  These definitely go in the "Make Again" column.  Typical of muffins, they mix up quickly and easily.  Then, after they're baked, you roll them in a cinnamon-sugar mixture.  I used a regular muffin tin.  Joy says she used a mini-muffin tin, and that is what I plan to do next time.  More cinnamon and sugar per bite that way...

Light, fluffy amazingness!

Give them a try.




Anonymous said...

Where's the recipe???????? G~Mama

Anonymous said...

Ree posted them yesterday on her site. I'm thinking the girls will LOVE to make these!


Laura Lee said...

Mom, the recipe is hyper-linked in blue. Just click on that first line.

JoyinChina said...

I'm happy you enjoyed the recipe, but Ree gets the credit. I love how practical and tasty most of her food is. I agree with you, this one goes in the "make again" stack. Tasty and easy!

BTW, I love how you photograph things for your blog. You're so artistic.