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Breakfast in Beijing

Today was the official adoption day, April 1, 2011.  Possibly when Caleb is a teenager, we will remember this day and be reminded that the joke was on us.  Seriously, we received the final adoption decree today that makes XiRui our son in the eyes of China and The United States of America.

Why do we have to stay for nearly two more weeks?  The answer is simple:  we have to stay in Beijing for one more week to process Caleb's Chinese passport.  Then we have to travel to Guangzhou to complete the American Consulate requirements to obtain a visa for him to enter the US.  Although he is officially our son today, he will not become an American citizen until our plane touches down in the US on April 13th in New York.

Before our morning of adoption paperwork, we started the day as usual with a delicious (de-rish-us) breakfast (breck-first) at the famous (famurse) Wangfujing Grand Hotel.

See all those chafing dishes?  They are filled with numerous mouthwatering hot selections from congee to fried eggs and bacon, steamed vegetables to pancakes.  There are Chinese and Western foods in this line.  You just have to read the little cards beside each chafing dish to figure out what everything is.

This tray holds all types of eggs from marinated to pickled and a few in-between.

This table has cold vegetables and it very popular with the Chinese patrons. 
 I grab some of this for Caleb's plate and skip it for mine.

Tom's favorite station: cereal, milk, and pastries.

Caleb is not so sure about this strange mother who takes pictures of his food.  He might as well get used to it.

I chose for his breakfast: fried rice, baked chicken strips, a boiled egg, cold peas of some sort, tofu, watermelon, and a muffin.  For drinks: apple juice and drinkable yogurt.  He ate every bite and drank every sip.

My plate: fried egg, fried rice, danish, watermelon, and cantaloupe.  Green tea and drinkable yogurt (not just for kids, you know!)  It is quite derishus!

Our guide saw my plate and exclaimed, "A light breakfast for you today?"  As funny as I found that comment, she was completely serious!


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