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Here's The Scoop

I've had quite a few people request instructions for how I make my granola.  My version has sort of evolved over the years.  I use a base of old-fashioned oats, add every raw nut and seed I can get my hands on, then finish it off after baking with a boat load of dried fruit. The amounts truly are flexible and you can substitute what you like or have on hand and leave out what you don't, whatever strikes your fancy.  This crunchy goodness is so delicious with a little milk or sprinkled over yogurt. 

This "recipe" makes a whole lot, so adjust down if you don't need very much.  Just warning you.   I give about half a batch away each time, so I like to make a lot.  I promise you can't mess this up unless you just bake it too long and it burns or something.  I'm going to tell you exactly how I did my last batch, so listen carefully, hear??  The ingredients are all in bold italics because I'm too lazy tired to type them all again at the end.

Into my big, ol' roasting pan I dumped a whole box of raw oatmeal.  (I buy the hearty old-fashioned variety, not the wimpy quick cooking flakes.)  To this I added 1 cup each of pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, chopped almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.  I would have added sesame seeds if I had them.  I used a cup measure just to simplify writing these instructions.  I can assure you I never measure the seeds or fruit.

OK, this part is really important, so listen up.  I use extra virgin coconut oil and honey.  This is what makes the granola taste so great.  I buy the coconut oil from Amazon because that is where I can get the best price.  As you can see I don't play games when I order coconut oil.  I get the big 54 ounce tubs of this stuff.  It's great.  It has the most delicious flavor! I highly recommend it.  For sweetener, I use honey.  I use grocery store honey rather than local raw honey for this only because it is going to be heated for a while in the oven anyway. 

Yes, that is honey dripping all over my counter while I stopped to take a photo.  That 1 cup measure is half filled with coconut oil and half filled with honey.  I dumped that over the seeds and oats in the pan.

Next I added 2 teaspoons of vanilla and five twists of the sea salt grinder.  Yes, I counted the twists just for you, friends.  (Use just a few shakes of the shaker if you don't use a grinder.)

OK, I popped that in a slow oven...around 300 degrees...for 15 minutes.  I set the timer so I wouldn't forget it.  I stirred it when the timer went off and did that again about three times.  (Truth be told,  I turned the oven off after the first stir, put the sweater on the dog, and went for a walk.  I stirred it when I got back home, turned the oven back on, and baked it another 15 minutes or so.)  I shoot for 45 minutes to an hour in the oven.  I don't like it too toasted or brown.

Next comes the fruit.

Here are the fruits that went in this batch: 1 cup of each of  dried apricots, raisins, dried cranberries, chopped dates, and coconut.  I put those in after the baking is done.  Scissors work great for cutting up the apricots, by the way.

Stir it up and put into tightly sealed containers.

Hey, I tell you what.  If you read this far, you deserve a treat.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook and I'll enter you to win a big ol' bag of my famous granola.  Here is how I'm going to do it, though.  Just put "Yum!" for your comment if you want me to enter your name.  That's all.  Don't write anything else if you want to be entered.  I want to see how many people read to the end.


 Got it?? 

I'll draw a name on Sunday night.  Yay, Tonya!!  You win again!
Good night my dear, sweet, crunchy bloggity friends.



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YUM :)

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Wow it sounds heavenly! I am off of nuts for a while because of the fat content--even though it is supposed to be pretty good fat!

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Laura, sitting here enjoying your blog for the very first time ever. I'm new to all this blog stuff but you have been added to my favorites list !! Came across the recipe for your granola . I have been having a bowl for breakfast everyday but I have been doing it warm and it is delicious.. I can't wait til your next contest so I can enter. I want to win something ! your neighbor felicia