What joy the gospel gives me. I can approach the throne of God with confidence, not because I've done a good job at my spiritual duties, but because I'm clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. ~ C.J. Mahaney

Cocoa Afternoon

 It's a creative kind of afternoon.

 Candy canes and flowers and...

 ...popcorn...dunked in hot cocoa.  Only Caleb would think of doing this.  He's such a boy.

Speaking of Caleb.  He finally has a stocking on the mantle.  Finished that this afternoon.  These are some of the homespun fabrics I used in his room

On to finishing another little project I started last week.  This is going to be a pocket advent calendar. Each little pocket will hold a tiny ornament to go on that tree up there to the right of Caleb's stocking. Yep, we're already twelve days behind.  Pathetic, huh? 

Only thirteen days till Christmas.




Anonymous said...

Everything looks so "Christmasie." I hate it so badly that we'll miss being with you at Christmas------maybe next year! Love, G~Mama

Lacy Renee said...

Just to let you know... I LOVE reading your blog!!!!!

No matter what you think always know that someONE IS reading your blog (even if we don't comment....)