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Owl Be Your Friend

Who? Who?

 Whoooose lives will be changing?

 A little owl told me....'s Leigh Anne and Wilson's....that's whoooo.

Owl bet they're excited.  Whoooo wouldn't be?

I had fun sewing a few little goodies for their baby's shower.  Baby is expected March 11th. 

Very soon I'll show you how to make a bib like the one I made them.  I've made dozens of these over the years.  Super easy and a fun way to use scraps. 

I hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend!



Janet said...

This is so precious!

Abby St Clair said...

Almost time for another Saint just so Lollee can make more baby things....

(This is not a hint or announcement.)


My2Blessings said...

Hey Abby, I was just thinking the same thing :) What a blessing your sweet mom is to SO many people, and how blessed is your family!


Terri said...

It is so cute!! She loves it bunches. I think someone else said something about needing another little Saint around the house!!!!

Leigh Anne said...

I DO love it!! So adorable and I'm telling you it will match my nursery fabrics perfectly! You are so gifted; I can't thank you enough! I so enjoyed seeing you and Abby!