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Talk is Cheep

Hey there!  Kyle and I want to show you the quilt set we made last week.  Kyle helps me out in the sewing room when he's here.  His official job is "Taggy Cube Quality Control Engineer."  Although, he sometimes taste tests any fabric scraps he finds on the floor.  (Don't tell Abby.)

Here's the quilt.   It makes us both smile.  Love the little chicks and their mama!  Love its simplicity--the white with the bursts of color.  Definitely one of my favorite things I've ever designed.  It measures 35"X42".  And it's rectangular, even though it looks wonky hanging here outside.

I can honestly say I won't be sad if it doesn't sell.  I love it that much. 

On the back is coordinating dotty fabric. 

 The bib and taggy cube.

Chicky close-up.

The set is $100.  I'll be posting it for sale in my store   

Which reminds me...

...I finished the logo this week, so business cards and gift tags are coming soon. 



Anonymous said...

So cute! I love it. I can't say it's "just ducky" so I'll say, "Cluck, Cluck" from your Mama Hen!

Anonymous said...

You absolutely amaze me. I've never seen anyone whip out such intricately detailed quilts so fast, before. The one (and most likely only) quilt I made took me forever!! Yes, I like the way it turned out, but there aren't too many, if any, more in my future. Just not my cup of tea. BUT, I love looking at yours and would be a proud owner of anything like that you made. I know your stuff will sell fast and well. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm in love...I think that looks like me w/ my five littles! Okay, so maybe they wouldn't be in such a nice straight line, more like scattered here, there, and everywhere... but a momma can dream!! Is it still for sale?