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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

The moment I took a bite of this fantastic muffin, I knew I had to share the recipe.  This incredibly delicious muffin recipe comes from our friends the Dexters who happen to live in Guangzhou, China.  Lacy came home telling me about them, the muffins, that is.  Then a few days later, they blogged the recipe for the whole world to enjoy.  So I'm passing it along to you now.  You will thank me, I'm sure.

I bake a lot of muffins.  Some are really good, some turn out so-so.  A very few are fantastic.  These fall in that last column.  I was actually surprised by how much I like them.  I love peanut butter, but I wasn't really sure about a peanut butter flavored muffin.  Just being honest here.  The chocolate was a no-brainer.  Always love that part.  Since everyone was raving about these, I followed their recipe to the letter and I was really, REALLY impressed!

The peanut flavor is actually very subtle.  I might not have even detected it if I didn't know it was there.  The muffin texture is very moist.  They're substantial but not heavy.   And in my opinion, they tasted even better the second day, if that is possible.  How many muffins can boast that distinction?  I don't know of any.

Visit this link on the Dexter's blog, dubbed Pearl River Diaries, to find the delicious recipe.  I have ulterior motives for sending you to their blog and not just reposting the recipe here.  While you're there, I want you to browse around their whole site.  Pat and her oldest daughters write great articles about their lives in China.  The most recent post on the home page, Called to Have Open Doors, is a highly recommended read.

Undoubtedly, the most important section of the blog is dedicated to orphan advocacy.  The Homes for the Lonely tab is where you can read about the precious children the Dexters work with weekly and with whom Lacy was privileged to spend several days.  Each of these children needs a home.  Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested in adopting one of them?  At the very least, you can pray for them to find mommies and daddies very soon. 

He makes a home for the lonely.
Psalm 68:6a

Don't forget to try the muffins!


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