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Sweet Spring

Sweet Spring, a French handsewn heirloom quality pink sundress and the first entry in Cradle Moon's baby togs department, is highlighted at the yoke with Swiss and English laces combined with entredeaux.  The neck and armhole edges are bias trimmed and hand sewn while the hemline is embellished with a tiny tuck.  The dress is created from 100% cotton fabric and laces.

The back of the dress ties with a self-fabric sash and beneath the skirt is a matching diaper cover.  This little dress fits size 0-3 months and would be perfect for a spring or summer baby girl, making a lovely shower gift.

Sweet Spring~ $35

Two more quilts coming soon and hopefully a lot more baby togs for boys and girls.


Talk is Cheep

Hey there!  Kyle and I want to show you the quilt set we made last week.  Kyle helps me out in the sewing room when he's here.  His official job is "Taggy Cube Quality Control Engineer."  Although, he sometimes taste tests any fabric scraps he finds on the floor.  (Don't tell Abby.)

Here's the quilt.   It makes us both smile.  Love the little chicks and their mama!  Love its simplicity--the white with the bursts of color.  Definitely one of my favorite things I've ever designed.  It measures 35"X42".  And it's rectangular, even though it looks wonky hanging here outside.

I can honestly say I won't be sad if it doesn't sell.  I love it that much. 

On the back is coordinating dotty fabric. 

 The bib and taggy cube.

Chicky close-up.

The set is $100.  I'll be posting it for sale in my store   

Which reminds me...

...I finished the logo this week, so business cards and gift tags are coming soon. 


Candy Girl

 I'm happy to tell you that the Baby Boy Blue set sold quickly, which was very rewarding for me.  I appreciate all the sweet comments and encouragement.  It really means a lot to me.

Here is the next set I'm offering in my baby boutique.  If these fabrics look familiar, you're very observant.  I made a larger lap-sized quilt recently out of these same fabrics.  I loved them so much, I decided they would make a great baby girl quilt.

The whole time I'm working on a quilt, I'm trying to decide on a name for it.  The song, "Sugar" by the Archies kept going round in my head as I stitched up this sweet confection.  Thus, the name Candy Girl for these three items.  I'll offer it as a complete set for the next few days.  If it doesn't sell that way, I'll break it down into individual pieces.

In the next few days, I hope to post a super cute quilt, bib, and taggy cube in some of my favorite vintage fabrics. This very special quilt will be a true heirloom, hand-quilted for that incomparable softness and timeless quality that only hand-quilting affords.  After that, Abby and I plan to start smocking a few tiny frocks.

I'm willing to take orders if you have any special requests.  Email me at thomastemple @  (remove spaces).  Remember, all proceeds go to Africa Inland Mission for Jonathan and Abby's outgoing financial needs.  Let's help them get to Africa by January of next year!!

 The crib quilt measures 36X48".  It's constructed from 100% cotton fabrics, bright and cheerful florals and polka dots with crisp white-on-white sashing and borders.  Inside is 100% cotton Warm and White brand batting.   The backing on this quilt is a fun, pink paisley.  This three-piece set also includes a bib and a taggy cube.  

Candy Girl Crib Quilt ~$85

Candy Girl Bib ~$10

Candy Girl Taggy Cube ~$10

Candy Girl Complete set ~$95 

Let me know if you're interested in this set.  After the weekend, I'll be willing to break it down.


Cradle Moon Baby Boutique


Once upon a time, in a land far away there lived a little blond-headed beauty who sat peering out the window into the night.  On that evening, in the cool of September, the moon was just barely in sight, only a sliver glowed against the vast, black velvet sky.  The tiny girl smiled and mused aloud, "Look, Mommy, it's a cradle moon!"   It most certainly was--a thin slice of shimmering moon in the perfect shape of a cradle.  I knew at that moment that my little daughter had just named my future baby boutique.  Shimmering moons, swinging cradles and dreaming babies--in my mind all that gentle delicacy was displayed in God's handiwork and in Abby's simple description.  Somehow it all just seemed to fit.

Now the time has come to finally open the store that she named so long ago.   Cradle Moon will specialize in boutique style baby clothing, quilts, bibs, and other layette items.  There will be a little of this and a bit of that.  No two items will ever be exactly the same, for it is my desire to make unique and distinctive dainties for the special baby in your life.  Some items will be made from a pattern; others will be my own designs.  I can promise that everything will be made with the care that I use when sewing for my own children and grandbaby, simply put-- quality fabrics and attention to details.

Why am I opening the store now?  I'm doing it to help raise money for Abby and Jonathan's outgoing expenses with AIM (Africa Inland Mission.)  All proceeds, every penny I earn, will go directly to their account at AIM which means I am not going to pay myself back for the goods I purchase to make these items.   They have a lot of money to raise between now and January, when they plan to leave for Africa.  It seemed like a good time to open the store and help out in this way.

Why am I opening the store today?  There is a very special reason that I chose this day to open my store.  His name is Williams "Wills" Michael Carter.  Today, March 2nd, 2012 marks the 4th anniversary of the day Wills went to live with Jesus. Wills was just four months old when he died from SIDS.  His family asked their friends to do something kind for someone today in his memory.  So I'm opening Cradle Moon on this day in Wills' memory.

Wills Carter

To open my store, I stitched up four little boy items that I hope will make them proud: a crib quilt, a diaper bag, a bib, and a taggy cube.  I call them all Baby Boy Blue.  First is the crib quilt.  It measures a generous 39 X 44 inches and is constructed from some of my favorite vintage and modern fabrics.  I pulled the cutest of the cute blues, greens, and yellows, ---animals, flowers, and dots from my stash for this snuggly quilt.  The highlight of this quilt is the blue gingham, my absolute favorite for baby boys.  All the fabrics are 100% cotton and in middle is a layer of Warm and White brand 100% cotton batting.  It is machine quilted in straight rows and the edges will be bound in the same blue gingham, machine applied to the top then hand stitched down on the back for a perfect finish.  The back is a soft, smooth blue and green polka dot fabric.  (see photo below)

Baby Boy Blue Crib Quilt ~$85

Next up is the diaper bag.  This is what I call a "tiny tote."  It is perfect for two or three diapers, a change of clothes, a burp cloth, some wipes, and a bottle--in other words-- the essentials.  It measures approximately 10" high, 7" wide, and 4" deep.  It is lined with blue and green dots, the same as the backing for the quilt.  

Baby Boy Blue Tiny Tote ~ $28

Completing the ensemble are the bib and the taggy cube.  Unlike velcro closed bibs, this bib ties on to stay on.  Just ask Abby; the one I made for Kyle is her favorite because he can't yank it off!  It's colorful and fun and pretty much guaranteed to turn a few heads while eating out.  

And what is more fun than a coordinating play cube with fun tags to chew?  Stuffed full of polyester fiberfill, it has tags in lots of interesting textures to explore.  Aren't those owls precious?

 Baby Boy Blue Bib~ $10

 Baby Boy Blue Taggy Cube ~$10

The prices I've quoted are those I'll be asking for similar items in the future or if I make custom items.  However, the first person who contacts me wanting to purchase the whole set of four items can have them for $120.  That is $13 off the price for the individual items.  I will offer them as a set until Monday, March 5th.  After that, I'll break down the set to sell individually.

This set has sold.  Thank you!

Payment for now will be by personal check until I get my Paypal account set up to receive funds.  

If you would like this set of baby items, please contact me at:

thomastemple @ bellsouth. net  (remove spaces)

I'll be updating my store to reflect what is for sale and what is sold.  Please follow me there at the following address.  You do not have to have a facebook account to view the store.  Thanks!