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UFOs no mo

You probably never knew one seamstress could have so many projects started, work all week finishing a bunch, and still have some left!  Well, now you know.

I pulled out a stack of recently and not-so-recently started  pieces and stitched like a mad woman, debt-snowball style.  If you're not familiar with a debt-snowball, it's a term coined by financial planner Dave Ramsey who suggests when trying to get out of debt, you start with the bill that has the highest interest rate and the least to pay off.  Then when you get that one paid off, you attack the next one.  Getting the smallest ones finished motivates you and frees up cash to put toward the next bill.

Let's just say I had a lot of sewing bills to pay!  Lots of you played along with my little guessing game, which was highly motivating to me.  I hardly set one down before I was picking up the next one to finish.  It's Friday afternoon and I'm aware that I could have probably forced myself to complete another one before midnight.  But I stopped.  Because as Caleb would say, "I tire!"  I got a lot done and finished a few pieces for my poorly neglected little baby store in the process.

So, without further ado, here we go from start to finish.  Hang with me, so you can find out who won my little guessing game challenge.


You already saw this one.  I completed it last weekend.  I still like it.  A lot.

 Eliza Jane 

This bunny was a team effort.  Crocheted by Lacy and dressed by me, she is wearing a little frock made from Ellee's nursery fabrics.  Lacy raised the cute factor really high by adding the shrug and headband.   She's the first of the Ellee creations.

 Jeremiah's Alphabet Quilt

This small wall-hanging is the first installment for Jeremiah's nursery.  Hannah wants a Noah's Ark, two by two theme.  But the homeschool mom in me thought he needed an alphabet quilt first.   Sorry, Hannah.  I briefly considered stitching two of each letter, but didn't want him to be dyslexic.

The hand quilting around each letter......

....makes the back almost as cute as the front!

 Maggie's Pillow

Maggie and I started this a year or so ago.  Maggie did all the appliqué by machine and embroidered the words by hand.   It's been sitting around needing a back and stuffing all this time.  Finally, it's at home on her bed!


I pieced this gender-neutral crib quilt top during my frenzy last fall.  It still needed to be quilted and bound.  

  The backing is gray with tiny stars.  The binding is aqua blue.  38" X 44"  

 It's for sale.  

Spring Fever

This one has been a UFO the longest.  I designed one similar to this as a give-away several years ago.   The pieces were all cut out and tucked in a zip lock bag, just waiting to be pieced, hand quilted, and bound into a mini quilt.

 Fawn Vintage Pillow

After she discovered how much fun it is to play with colored thread, Abby went "cracker dog" with the needle and floss.  She left several embroidery pieces here and told me to do whatever I wanted with them.  The first  I turned into this vintage nursery pillow.  Hand embroidered and hand-quilted pillow slip with removable pillow form.   $20.

The next is this vintage baby giraffe pillow.  
Hand-embroidered by Abby, hand-quilted by me.   Removable pillow form.

The back view shows the envelope style closure.

Last but not least is this vintage style tote.  It measures about 8.5" X 9" X 1.5". This would make a great little tote bag or purse for any little girl.  I lined Abby's embroidery and made it into a pocket for the front, then trimmed all the way around the top with lace.  The back looks just like the front except without the pocket.  $20

And there, ladies and gentlemen, is the answer to the trivia question:  How many UFOs can Laura Lee finish in one week?


So who guessed nine?


Did I plan it that way?  Of course not!  I just worked until I couldn't see straight and threw in the towel.

Which means...I had to assign everyone a number and put them in the handy dandy number generator and let some computer out in cyberspace choose a winner!!

Alyssa Romano,
That someone is you!

As your prize, you may choose any one of the five items pictured below.  Just send me a message telling me which one you want.
Have a beautiful weekend!


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Living in China said...

How fun! Great job, Laura. Did you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment? I'm happy for you. If I had known there was a prize I would have guessed nine but I thought it was just for fun... Congratulations to the blessed winner. Looking forward to hearing what you choose.