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long overdue catch-up post....and a fall give-away

Goodness!  I was in Africa the last time I posted to this blog.  And that seems like ages ago now.  I've been home for five or six weeks.  I honestly can't even remember.  I had the most fabulous time and I still think about that trip a lot.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah, my littlest grandson, went and got nearly grown on me while I was gone.  When I left for Africa, he wasn't even a month old.  He weighed around nine pounds or something then.  Now he's a whopping fourteen or fifteen pounds, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  He was three months old yesterday.

He reminded me the other day that his photo didn't appear with his parents on the sidebar over there.  What kind of pathetic Lollee am I, he wanted to know.

Well, I fixed that little problem.  And here is an updated photo of him in all his chubbiness.  This was taken yesterday at his three-month photo shoot.  He's such a sweet boy...and such a trooper.  You should have seen what he had to put up with--three outfit changes, caps, hats, ties, basketballs, mustaches, you name it.  There's a price to pay for being cute, Jeremiah.  The sooner you learn that the easier life will be.

Next up...Lacy is officially in college!!  We took her down to Pensacola on Sunday.  She's getting all settled in and used to her new, very rigorous schedule of classes.  But she's also making time for fun.  Today she climbed the rock wall at the student center--all the way to the top.  That from a girl who is afraid of heights!  We've encouraged her to study hard, but to play hard, too.  And there is much to do for recreation at PCC.  Here is Lacy with Melody, Jonathan's youngest sister.  She's a senior at PCC and they are roomies this year!

 Time out for another dose of cuteness.  Had to show you Ellee in her Africa cap.  Isn't that precious?  The little heart is right over Lesotho, where they live.  They move up to the mountain city of Mokhotlong next week.

 Last, but not least... the give-away.  I had thought I'd do something fallish with leaves on it.  However, when I started cutting strips, I decided I just liked them the way they were.  This was ridiculously simple to put together.  I started it last night and finished it today.

It measures in the 15"X32" ballpark range.  I'm too lazy to go measure it.  I like it with my orange vintage Pyrex bowl.  You'll need to supply your own pretty bowl if you win it, though.

Let me know if you want a stab at winning it.   Leave a comment here or email me.


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JoyinChina said...

You certainly have had an eventful summer! I know you'll miss having BOTH your biggest girls around. Your grand babies are just dolls...I want to kiss their cheeks. I also want to enter your fall giveaway! Drop my name into the hat, please and thank you. :)