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Please Pray for Tricia


You may remember my post a few months ago about Tricia, Nathan, and baby Gwyneth. I've been closely following their story since I first learned about them in January. Baby Gwyneth is doing well at 12 weeks old. Tricia has been waiting for her lung transplant since a couple weeks after the baby was born.

Tricia and Nate received the call that she would be having her double lung transplant this evening. She is in surgery right now. Please pray for all of them, especially that God will guide the doctors' hands.

This has to be such a scary time for them.


edited to add: The surgery was a success! Pray for no infection and no rejection!

edited again to add: Tricia is up walking around now, without the ventilator. This is the first time since October that she's been off the vent! Gwyneth will be 13 weeks old tomorrow. She's being moved out of the incubator into a bassinet this week. She is breathing on her own and taking a bottle now. God is good!


Alyssa said...

Me and Mommy are Gwyneth junkies!
She is so cute. We have been reading and praying for them every day.

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!