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Yummy Goodness

I know, I know! I promised quilts. I'll just have to keep you in suspense another day or so.

While you wait, try this delicious recipe. I asked Abby what I should call this recipe and she suggested the above name. This is one I know you'll love. A friend showed me how to make this many years ago. It's great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! You decide! I make it occasionally, but not too often for it is


It has four simple ingredients. Yep, that's it. Four. You'll need:

  • crescent roll dough
  • sliced lunch meat
  • sliced or shredded cheese
  • pancake syrup

Any meat or cheese will do. Today I used chicken and provolone. I also do turkey and mozzarella, or ham and swiss. Basically, you can't mess this one up.

Can you tell where I shop??

Roll out one tube of dough on your baking sheet, closing the seams well. Pile with your chosen meat and cheese, as much as you like. If you have children helping, yours may also look like this:

Top with the other roll of crescent dough. Pinch seams together.

Bake this at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes. Just watch it. You don't want it too dark, just a nice golden brown.

Now pull it out of the oven and drizzle some pancake syrup over the top. No measuring necessary. Don't drown it like you would your flapjacks, just give it a nice glaze.

This photo is just in case you don't know how to drizzle syrup.

Put the pan back in the oven and let that glaze bubble up a bit, for maybe five minutes. That's it! An awesome taste experience awaits!

Happy Eating!

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