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Cinna-mint Chalets and Gumdrop Cottages


Making gingerbread houses is a tradition in our home.  Usually we just buy a kit because everything we  need is all in one box....the pre-cut gingerbread, the candies, and the icing.  Plus, we can get it completed, cleaned up, and displayed before everyone runs out of patience with the whole thing.

This year was different, however.  We were invited to a gingerbread house-making party and couldn't find a kit anywhere in town!  Not allowing this little inconvenience to dissuade us, we instead opted for the graham cracker knock-off version.  Frankly, the results were quite gratifying!  It was a bit more work on our part, which also forced us to be more creative.   And our patience got a work-out as well! 


Cinna-mint Chalet under construction.  The only tricky part was not munching candy canes while I worked.


See the teeny-tiny house Maggie designed?  It stands less than two inches high!  I was amazed by her perseverance on that one.


Gumdrop Cottage--I like the shingles on this one.


Another weensy little Maggie creation.  She was really into making houses from the graham cracker scraps.  Her snowy roof is liberally sprinkled with non-pariels, naturally.   I just adore her gumdrop and candy cane trees.


The whole village. 


(The short, squatty houses are actually orange juice cartons that we cut down and used as frames.)

Seriously, playing with cookies, candy, and icing is therapeutic for whatever ails you.  Highly, highly recommended if you're feeling a bit stressed!



Anonymous said...

The Village is adorable! I don't know WHERE you come up with all the ideas but I enjoy seeing them.

Anonymous said...

Cute, as usual!! I am going to try my hand at snowmen cupcakes later this week. They are made from large marshmallows and various things to accentuate them. I'll have to send you a picture. Hope they turn out as cute as your village. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love them. So adorable! You must have created some more at home!