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YOC Soup Reunion


Every time one of you leaves a comment on my blog, I get an email telling me about it.  That is a very good thing because occasionally I receive a comment on an older post and I'd never know about it if there wasn't an email notification.  Such is the case with this post (click to go there). I wrote it several years ago about YOC soup.

You see, the deal is this:  if someone Googles "YOC soup", guess what comes up in the search?  Exactly!  It's my blog post. Through this one little post, I have reunited some serious soup lovers with their favorite soup of all time!  All these kind folks have written to tell me that they had looked for years, some as long as forty years, for this very recipe from the Yokota Officer's Club at Yokota Air Force Base, near Tokyo, Japan.  And that makes me super happy.  I know how much my family has enjoyed this soup for the past thirty years.  I can't imagine having lived without it all this time.  So, Bill, J, Cole, and Fred, I'm thrilled I was able to help you out in your search for the best soup ever.

If the rest of you haven't tried it, whatcha waiting for?  Grab some butter and some sweet onions, some milk and chicken broth, a loaf of French bread and some Swiss cheese, and have at it!

It's SO good!



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Anonymous said...

I'll have to make it again soon. Maybe when Doug, Rochelle and boys visit next month! I know they like it and so do G~Dad and I! G~Mama