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Grandbaby Bedding


January is trucking right along and before I know it, my grandbaby Kyle is going to be here!!  His due date is February 26th, just over six weeks away!!  Yikes!

Abby and I hit the road a couple weeks ago and found the cutest fabric line (Lollipop, by Sandy Gervais for Moda) for his nursery ensemble.  After purchasing a fabric panel for his wall hanging at the retail fabric shop, we came home and ordered the rest of what we needed online from a discount source to save some serious cash.  Our plan was to buy the fabrics for his crib quilt, bumper pads, tab curtains, diaper bag, and wall hanging.  We fancied these fabrics and didn't even realize the name fit perfectly until after we purchased them.  You see... I will be Lollee and Tom will be Pops.

Lollee and Pops.


We purchased a couple "charm packs" for the quilt.  Charm packs are precut five-inch squares of the whole line, or most of it, 42 squares in each.  Abby liked the idea of just these bright, adorable prints sewn together Granny-square style, for a simple, playful blanket that will grow with him into childhood.  Never one to be interested in sewing before, she enthusiastically agreed to help sew these squares together for her baby's quilt!

The diaper bag is also constructed from the five-inch squares, quilted, and monogramed with Kyle's initials.  The tab curtains are already hanging in his room, which is painted a soft green.  Here is the fabric panel which will become the wall hanging.


Her sisters are working on the most creative artwork for the walls.  Holly has used acrylics and painted "Peek-A-Boo" animals on canvas, while Maggie has been painting fish in watercolors, all coordinating with the themes in the fabrics.  I believe Lacy has a crocheted animal in the works.  Oh, my goodness!  It's all coming together and the big reveal will be a little over a week away, after her baby shower on the 22nd of January.

I have a little over half the quilt hand-stitched.  These cold afternoon and evenings are perfect "quilting by the fire" days, and Bella is obliged to keep me company.

Meanwhile, our little boy Caleb's room is falling into place.  This working on two rooms simultaneously is challenging to my A.D.D. quilter's brain, but I think it will all happen.  His quilt top is pieced and his furniture is painted barn red.  We are on a mad hunt to find the perfect child-sized table.  Be looking for his room pics soon.



Anonymous said...

How cute. I am sure it will all look awesome. The picture of Abby sewing on her quilt makes me remember doing the same thing at your house, almost 9 years ago!! Remember those dust ruffles and bumper pads we finished the last week or so before Cason arrived? Hard to believe it has been so long ago! :-)

I didn't realize Abby's shower was coming up so soon. Guess I better get my ducks in a row and get her gift finished and in the mail, so that she can open it on that special day!


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