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Crunch Time

With only seven days left until we leave for China, it's definitely crunch time around here.   The suitcases are out and we're starting to toss in miscellaneous items as they come to mind.  I have purchased quite a few articles of clothing from the Goodwill and the Salvation Army that I plan to wear a couple times and leave in China.  It makes sense to me to avoid having to pay to get laundry done while we're there.  And that way, with a lighter bag,  I'll have more room to bring back souvenirs for the children, right?

Thankfully, we were able to get the consulate appointment we wanted on April 11, which requires us to leave the U.S. on March, 28th.  We had thought the earliest we would possibly leave would be April 5th.  Leaving a week earlier was a very nice surprise and such an answer to prayer. 

Today we received our in-China itinerary.  Sure looks like a small amount of adoption paperwork and a LOT of touring and sight-seeing on our agenda for the two weeks we'll be there.  If you're interested in the what we'll be doing daily, check out the details below.

March 28: Fly out of Augusta 7:10AM
March 29: Arrive in Beijing by China Airlines  6:20PM
(Staying at Wang Fu Jing Grand Hotel in Beijing)

March 30: In the morning, go to the orphanage to meet Caleb!

March 31: Local sightseeing: Forbidden City

April 1: Get adoption registration certificate,
Apply for notarization and passport

April 2:  Local sightseeing: The Great Wall

April 3:  Local sightseeing: Summer Palace

April 4:  Local sightseeing: Zoo

April 5:  Local sightseeing: Olympic Park

April 6:  Local sightseeing: Temple of Heaven

April 7:  Local sightseeing: the Science and Technique Museum

April 8:  Get Caleb's Chinese passport
           Fly from Beijing to Guangzhou
           Stay at the White Swan Hotel

April 9:  Medical check and photo taking

April 10:  Local sightseeing: Yuntai Park

April 11:  Visa appointment and
swearing-in ceremony at the U.S Consulate

April 12:  Get Caleb's U.S. visa
           Local sightseeing: Six Banyan Temple

April 13: Fly from Guangzhou to Beijing to New York to Charlotte to Augusta

You'll notice I highlighted the "red-letter" day.  On Wednesday, March 30, we meet our son for the first time.   That will be Tuesday night your time here in the U.S.  I have tried to imagine that meeting in my mind.  A little boy, who has probably only known for a few weeks that he is being adopted, being greeted by a couple of strange looking and sounding Americans who are about to become his parents.  Let's just pray he has an adventuresome spirit and isn't scared to death when he lays eyes on us.  I somehow doubt that we are at all what he is expecting.

I'm busy finishing up the last few details on Caleb's room.  I have let too many other things get in the way so here I am, fingers flying, trying to get his quilt completed.  Crunch mode, for sure.  Tom says it isn't essential.  That's the practical engineer speaking.  But the emotional mother in me wants his room to be just right for his arrival.

I'm hoping the VPN we downloaded works and I can blog from China.  If not, I'll be emailing Lacy daily and she will be my ghost writer.

6.5 days.....

But, who's counting??



JoyinChina said...

Hurray for coming a week earlier and meeting your Caleb!Exciting times. I don't see "Hang out with the Dexters" on that list. We're going to have to fix that. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting SO EXCITED for you!!!! I pray for a safe trip for y'all and a happy meeting with Caleb. I love you! G~Mama

Jim said...


If your VPN doesn't work let us know. Ours is working fine and Jim can set up an account for you.

Jim & Rachel

Jim said...

Hi Laura,
We are the ones you commented to on We are in China now and got our daughter yesterday at Beijing SWI. So, I see your itinerary - we also are staying at the Wang Fu Jing Hotel and will still be here next week when you arrive. We don't leave until the evening of Friday April 1. We would love to meet you, and also you son once you have him! It's so neat to see another family who is headed here soon! I know it is a huge SWI, but I wonder if our daughter and your son would know each other? Be in touch if you can, either through the blog or email.

Rachel and Jim

Your FDIL said...

6.5 days = good
44 days = good too

:) love you!