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Mermaids and Pirates

We celebrated Maggie's eighth birthday with a pool party on Friday night.  

Every fun party calls for fun food. 


Sparkly undersea critters fashioned by Holly and Maggie helped to depict the ocean theme.

Around 4PM the sky was threatening rain.  By party time, blue skies prevailed.

Speaking of punch with fish in the ice cubes.

Happy smiles....

More happy smiles.

Still more happy smiles.

Pool time.

Pops establishing the rules...

Not really sure what all that was about, but it's obvious why Caleb calls him Jonfun.

Little pool for little people.

These minnows got eaten by the shark.

Happy Birthday Cake by Tracey Thorpe

Happy Birthday Girl with Happy Birthday Cake

Time out for Kyle cuteness.

Opening gifts...she's more excited than she's letting on.

Art stuff.  Always a hit with Maggie.

Time out for tippy-toe adorableness.

Truly, she is the gift!

Making fun memories creates a great, big splash!  


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Abby St Clair said...

Who's is that adorable baby?