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Ellee Nay

I wonder how many children are given their nick names by an older sibling?  Right now Ellee Renée is Ellee Nay, thanks to big brother, Kyle.  I love it and plan to keep it until Ellee's old enough to tell Lollee to stop calling her that!

Soon after Abby and Jonathan left for Africa, I started the nursery-sewing in earnest.  Abby and I Skyped several times to discuss what she was thinking for Ellee's fabrics.  She wanted girly-girl, soft, sweet and cottagey.  Knowing in your head what you are picturing and actually locating it are sometimes two different matters.

Hill Farm by Lecien

Thankfully, while staying in Kenya, Abby had a free, good quality internet connection which allowed us to actually look at the fabrics and discuss them "in person" a couple times.  This gorgeous line named Hill Farm was just what we were searching for.  I ordered 20 fat quarters and a nice cut of the big blue floral for a quilt back from a shop on Etsy.  From those fabrics, I've been able to create a crib quilt, wall hanging, some bibs, a pillow, diaper bag, and bunny dress.  And I still have a good amount of this fabric left in my stash.

This is Ellee Nay's bunny, Eliza Jane.  Aunt Lacy crocheted her and I dressed her.  

The crib quilt all pieced and ready to sandwich and hand quilt.  
I especially like the prairie points along the border of this quilt.

Bib #1

Bibs are fun to make and more addictive than chocolate chip cookies.
I'm dreaming about the next one before the first one is finished.

Bibs #2 and #3

Ellee's Good Morning pillow.  

I've had this pattern for ages.  I made one for Maggie many years ago and she sleeps with it every night.  She's literally loved the stitching right off.  It is darling made in Ellee's fabrics.  (I added in some lavender.)

I worked like a mad woman finishing the diaper bag the eve before Lacy left for Africa.  Thus, the photo is a quick one I snapped just to have a record of what it looked like.  It really is much prettier in person.

You might remember Jeremiah's alphabet quilt from an earlier post.  You might also remember that I tried my hardest to make the same things for both babies.  

Time out for adorableness.  
Hi, Ellee Nay!!

That's pretty much it for the sewing projects.  These tiny 3X3" stretched canvases that Holly drew and we both painted should fit on even the smallest wall space--since they still don't know anything about permanent housing in Lesotho.

Determined to finish this dress so Lacy could take it to Africa, I sat down one day with this as my only agenda item.   Meanwhile, Abby Skyped me to say she was pretty sure she was in labor.  Everyone in Aiken knows we thought Hannah was in labor that day, too--made for a very interesting day and evening.  Since Ellee came two weeks before her due date, she obviously didn't get to wear her dress home from the hospital.  I was able to get it finished just in time for Lacy to hand-carry it.  Ellee's wearing it in the photo way up at the top.

I leave for Lesotho in eleven days!  The only thing I have left to do is the hand-quilting for Ellee's crib quilt.  I made huge progress on it yesterday, so barring any unforeseen delay, it should be finished and ready to fly with me!

Up next, Jeremiah's nursery.


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