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Getting Ready

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house, all that cold, cold wet day.

And packed for Hawaii!

Two more days and we're outta here.

Thing One and Thing Two are busy packing their bags. That would be Abby and her friend Kaylee, who are coming to Hawaii with us. Both these girls are homeschooled and this is their senior trip. Let's just say they are slightly excited. The Cat in the Hat won't be joining us.

The three youngest cuties are staying with their Oma and Opa in the north Georgia mountains. If I were a good mother, I'd be nervous about leaving them. But I'm obviously not a good mother, because I'm not going to worry about them one whit. Staying with Oma is akin to staying with Mary Poppins. And Tom's sister Lynn and her dog are coming over to help her for a few days. So imagine being babysat by Mary Poppins and her lovely assistant and loyal Labrador retriever, all in the Hundred-Acre Woods...or something more fun than that.

Brad and Bella, our ferocious watch dog who loves to eat people, will be holding down the fort here. (Just a warning for you crazed blog lurkers just waiting to break in and steal all our worthless stuff while we're gone.)

I'm just looking forward to spending 12 days with my thug-wannabe honey in a tropical paradise.

Back to packing.....

Laura Lee

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Anonymous said...

Have a FUBU-los time in sunny Hawaii!! It's one of my favorite places.. BTW when you refer to us back home be sure and refer to back home as the "mainland" not the United States or states...they hate that!!!!


I think I want to run away to Oma and Opa's!!!! do they take adults?