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Quilt Love

Why do I love quilts?

I suppose it is the feeling of warmth and comfort that they evoke and the stories they tell of people and places and times gone by.

The fact is, I'm fascinated by and drawn to quilts. Small bits of fabric are painstakingly pieced together to create pictures and patterns in all sorts of interesting ways. The possibilities are endless; it's like painting with fabric!

So I love to collect quilts, and I love to make them as well. Over the next couple weeks, I want to show you some of my favorites.

Today I will show you two quilts made by Tom's Granny and also one I made a few years ago.

Granny was an avid quilt maker. She started raising her family in the 1930's and I suppose, like many mothers of that time, she made quilts not only for their beauty but for their practicality.

When Tom was 14, Granny gave him this quilt for his birthday. Between all the blocks, she embroidered the names of his parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins, making it one of the greatest treasures of his childhood.

As a wedding gift, Granny made Tom and me this beautiful log cabin quilt in a riot of bright colors.

And lastly, here is the quilt I made for Brad. It is called Starry Night. I photographed it outside, so you can see the color progression from light to dark across the quilt from the top left to the bottom right. This represents the night sky from dusk to midnight.

Have a beautiful week.

Laura Lee

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