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Hello, Baby Jasmine!

Our good friends Roy and Lori are in China right now getting their precious baby girl, Jasmine. We traveled to China with them in March of 2005 when they were adopting Jaden and we were adopting Maggie. We missed traveling with them by one month in 2003 for our trip to adopt Holly. They were adopting Amanda.

We have a lot in common with these folks. We both had three biological children, two older boys and a girl, when we adopted the first time. They homeschool like we do. Basically, they are just as crazy as we are.

So right now they are in China and just recently met their baby for the first time. Jasmine was a year old on Valentine's Day, so that makes her almost 15 months, now.

Congratulations, Roy and Lori!

Roy and his oldest daughter Alyssa have a blog called The Hon. "Alyssa the Hon" and Roy put their thoughts into cyberspace in a creative and different sort of way. Roy is also updating the baby's Caring Bridge page here.

Pop on over and say hello to them. They'd love to hear from you.

Laura Lee


Alyssa said...

That's my VERY CUTE baby sister!!!! Can't wait until she's home!!!

~The Hon~

Hon's Daddy said...

Thank you so much for thinking of us!

It is an Honour to be written up in the land of Laura Lee! And I must say, we have been in serious withdrawal! Thank goodness for the advanced technology in GZ that is not in Wuhan!

She looks just as beautiful in person, I cant wait for you all to see her! She is, after all, a Wuhan Baby!

Roy, Lori and Jasmine Hope

Laura Lee said...

You are very welcome! So glad to hear that the Wuhan Baby is adjusting so beautifully.

Jasmine, you're a dream come true!

And we thank God that you weren't affected by the e~a~r~t~h~q~u~a~k~e!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Hi Laura Lee! Thanks for connecting with me via the CF blog.

I have friends on their way back from China right now and their son turned one on Valentines Day.