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Monday Morning Musings


I wonder if, like me, you have a long list of "to-do's" for this Monday morning.  Honestly, I have a bunch of things I want to get done today, but the biggest thing is finishing this smocked dress.  I'd hoped to have it packaged up and off to its tiny little recipient by now.  Alas, sunshine, blue skies, the beach, books, being lazy, i.e., life has kept me from staying on task with this one.  So, today's the day.  I'm determined!


Breakfast this morning was toasted cinnamon swirl bread and tea.  If you've never tried Wal-Mart's cinnamon swirl bread, you should!  We think it's delicious, almost like eating cake for breakfast.  Today mine was served up on what I think is the prettiest plate I own.  My heart just swoons over this pattern.


Oh, I wanted to tell you about our sad little mishap this morning.  Well, let me back up.  Yesterday, when I walked out onto my front porch to give it a sweep, I noticed all sorts of trashy mess on on the ground....twigs, leaves, moss, straw, etc.   It didn't take much sleuthing to locate the beginnings a nest in the wreath on our door.  So, I took down the wreath and pulled out the start of a happy home.  Heartless, I admit it.  But if you've ever had a nest of birdies on your front door for four weeks, you know what I'm talking about.  We have.  And they make such a mess.  The momentary twinge of quilt quickly passed; I knew she could find a more suitable location.

This morning I walk out the front door again, this time to cut some tiny roses that are exploding on one of my little bushes.  Hmmm, more leaves and twigs on the freshly swept porch.  Little Miss Sparrow is quite determined, it appears.  Without a thought I yank off the wreath from the hook when, splat!  a tiny speckled egg drops to the porch and, well, let's just say, it doesn't survive.


If I'd looked in the nest and noticed the egg, she would have won.  I'm that much of a wimp.

Poor Little Sparrow.  Her nest is gone again, and hopefully, this time, she will take the hint.  In the mean time, the girls studied the broken shell and promptly pulled out the field guides to identify its owner.

The girls and I are going to get some school done.  I'm going to finish this little dress.  And Bella is going to accomplish the one thing on her agenda:  soak up as much sun as she possibly can.


Have a beautiful Monday!



Anonymous said...

I'm swooning over that pattern too. So lovely. We are having the same problem at our front door. I clean it out unless I know that the eggs have been laid. Love the dress you are smocking. Some sweet little girl is going to look precious. Have a great day!

Abby St Clair said...

Oh my goodness! I want a piece of that bread! And Bella looks like a bone-i-fied model. Miss her!