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Baby Aly's Daygown

What is white as a cloud, soft as a kitten, and sweet as cotton candy?

A darling daygown for Miss Alyson Leigh.  


It's now all finished, pretty as a pearl,
 ready to be sent to a dear baby girl.

As this was so much fun to do,
I started another for "who knows who?"



Anonymous said...

Pwetty dwess! I'm sure she'll look like a dolly in it. G~Mama

Abby St.Clair said...

So cute! If baby st is a girl, she'll need a few of those in her wardrobe, porfa! :O)

My2Blessings said...

WOW Laura!! Almost makes me wish there was a baby in my future just so I could have one of these beautiful creations :) God certainly has blessed you with some AMAZING talents!

Anonymous said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous. Baby Aly is a lucky little girl to have such a talented auntie. :-)


Laura Lee said...

Thanks everyone! Rochelle, Aunt Laura would love to have other baby girls to make dresses for. Hint. Hint.