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Side Scalloped Romper


Becalmed in the doldrums of the Sea of Adoption Paperwork, I've been passing the time stitching up togs for the new grandbaby-to-be.  Since we obviously have no idea what this baby is yet, I get the pleasure of working with patterns for both genders.

This first installment in the "Grandbaby Togs" category is a sweet little blue side-scalloped romper.  A Maggie's Classics pattern I've had for ages and only constructed one other time, it was such a fun and simple little suit to start with.  This one is for a little boy baby St. Clair.  We'll just call him "K" since you'll have to wait and find out what his name really will be.  Maybe that will give you something to guess about.

Hey!  That gives me an idea.  How about a contest?

Guess the baby's boy name, and you'll win a prize.  Leave me a comment either here on my blog, or on Facebook, or email me your guess.  For my local friends, it will most likely be a food prize.  For my long distance friends...well, I'm I'll come up with something, but it may still be a food prize.


OK, back to the romper.  This is sewn in light blue batiste, piped in batiste, and trimmed with six tiny buttons down the front; one is under the collar.  The back sports a snappy little belt.  This is a size six-months, and is very true to size.  So it should fit him really well next summer, no matter where Abby and Jonathan are living then...

OK, on to the first little girl outfit.




Anonymous said...

I won't enter this contest for obvious reasons (I've had a clue.) The suit is cute but you know me, I'm "thinking pink!" Love, G~Mama

Anonymous said...

My guess is Rumpelstilskin...well, it worked for the miller's daughter..(jk)

My real guess is Temple. As you know I am into the family name thing and I think that is a cool name for a boy or a girl.


ps- for some reason I can't log into my google account to post under my name...hmmmm

Laura Lee said...

I guess I should have said that the name will be revealed when they find out what the baby is. So, that will be about four weeks from now. Thanks for your patience!!!

JoyinChina said...

My goodness, Laura, that is an absolutely sweet outfit! You do gorgeous work.

I can't think of all that many "K" boy names. Maybe Kevin? Karson? Kaleb? ;)