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Christmas Give-Away Quilt


OK, y'all.  It's done.  Well, except for the binding, it is.  As you can see, I finished this by machine quilting it...made that last minute decision today.  I really wanted to hand quilt this, but time's getting away from me, and I needed to get it finished up quickly.  (The reds in these pics appear a bit orange.  They aren't.  These are true candy-apple reds.)


I keep calling it a table topper, but, really, it will look great on the wall or on a table, either one.

Drawing for this will be on Thanksgiving Day.  So, leave a comment if you'd like me to enter you!

Coming up in future posts:  a candy recipe, a cake recipe, a cookie recipe, and my new favorite breakfast.  So, come on back soon.



Bobbi said...

It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I *really* want to learn to sew, quilt, knit, etc, etc.....when I grow up! ;) You are quite talented!!!

JoyinChina said...

Laura, I love it!!! So, so, so pretty. I really hope I win! :)Thank you so much for giving us all this chance.

the_blissful_mommy said...

Laura, you don't "know" the St. Clairs - you're related to them! :) Thanks for the precious encouragement. I have always noticed Abby's desperate pride in and fierce love for her sisters and it's truly comforting as we approach adopting. Thanks! Stay tuned! :) lots of love in him~ Esty

Anonymous said...

Have you entered me yet? I can't remember if I already asked you to!
Love, G~Mama

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! It has such a happy feel.
Diane Day

Mary Beth said...

It's beautiful! I love it! Am I entered yet?

Anonymous said...

Don't know if I am eligible or not, but if so, toss my name in the hat. If not, I certainly understand. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend in NC.


God's Child said...

This quilt is beautiful. I really want to learn to quilt. I have just bought a book and hope to teach myself, soon!!

Anonymous said...

You are so gifted. It is as usual wonderful, and would great in my house. Please enter me in the drawing. Cheri Wheelon