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Hannah's Pets

A few weeks ago, Tom's cousin Ric wrote me and asked if I would make his granddaughter a quilt.  Hannah is an animal lover with lots of pets, and Ric wanted all of them on the quilt.

Not one to turn down a challenge, I took the offer and began dreaming up Hannah's quilt.  Ric was kind enough to send me lots of photos.  My goal was to interpret the animals in fabric the best I could. While this is not a bed-size quilt, it is fully big enough for a nap!  So Ric suggested we call it a "Napping Quilt."

Ric and his wife Rachel invited Tom and me up to Charlotte for a day of golfing, eating, shopping, eating, relaxing, eating, talking, and eating.  While there, I was able to hand deliver Hannah's quilt to her personally.

Would you like to meet Hannah's pets?

 This is Kimber, the tortoise shell and white kitty.

 Here is Noah, the gray bunny.

Lady, who I met today, is a darling teacup toy poodle.  She has the calmest, sweetest personality of any little poodle I've ever been around.  Have you ever met a poodle that isn't yappy? I had not.  Lady let me hold and cuddle her till I finally had to put her down.  I would have sneaked her out in my pocketbook if I thought I could get have pulled it off. 

 Just as darling, but a little more spunky is Puppy, Lady's brother.

Last, but certainly not least is Lucy, the Jack Russell mix who appeared at their door a year ago, scared to death, and then stayed around to complete the menagerie. 

 Ric wanted Hannah's name on the quilt.  I aimed to please. 

Here's Ric, the proud grandpa, with Hannah.  What a precious little girl.  I just loved getting to know her and her two older sisters.


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