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New Storefront

For the past few days, I've been busy working on the Cradle Moon blog that will replace the worthless Facebook page store format.  My plan is to keep the FB page, just to update anyone who may be following me there.  Your best bet for keeping up with what is new in the store is to just bookmark the store and check it regularly.

Here is how it is set up.  When I add something new, it will likely get its own brief description as a new blog post, putting it front and center.  At that time, I will also add it to one of the active categories in the sidebars.  Right now the categories are quilts, diaper bags, bibs etc, sweaters, and onesies. There will be more categories coming.  The next one is dresses.  After that, I plan to have a special boy category.  Likely there will be a category for smocked items as well.

As items sell, I will make a note of that in the original posts and remove the items from the sidebar.  I'll be keeping some of those photos up in the gallery, which you can find as a tab at the top of the page under the header.  The gallery is to highlight items I've previously sold in order to give people an idea of the kinds of things I make.

I hope this new set-up will be more user friendly and will allow everyone to see what is currently available for sale.  The next big thing is going to be getting a Paypal account set up on that blog.  Right now I'm accepting personal checks, which is working fine.

The custom orders are going to be what really keep me busy, I think.  Right now I have three of those in the wings, all for quilts.  First up is a really exciting, challenging, get this--gender neutral--quilt with a fire engine theme.  Watch me pull that one off!

An extra special thanks goes to Jean Walker for offering to design my header.  She's a graphic artist and a fellow China adoption mom.  Thanks, Jean!!

Now that the store has its own blog, I hope to get busy and get some recipes posted here.  I'll still be showing what's up to with sewing, quilting, the family, etc.  However, I will no longer be posting all the for-sale items.  Hopefully, this blog will return to what I originally intended it for--as place to nurture creative homemaking--and not just a sewing blog.


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