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Nope, that’s not a typo.  That’s really the name of these fabrics!  And I think that’s the way it should be spelled, anyway!
This diaper bag, taggy cube, and bib combo is the result of a purchase of fabrics I made to do a custom, twin taggy cube order.  Cutting down twelve of the 6 inch squares to make them baby size left me with 24 gorgeous strips just begging to become a bib.  Combined with some of the brights from my stash, the remaining fabrics were just enough to fashion this diaper bag and another taggy cube.
The fabrics aren’t for the color-cautious among us.  These say “Go bold or go home!”  They are cheerful, playful, bright, young, current, funky, and fun.  Yeah.  That about covers it.  Perfect for any modern mama and baby! 

 Strip quilted bib with touches of ribbon and ric-rac.

 Taggy cube.  Tell me you don't love those dotty ribbons!

 Diaper bag--machine quilted and appliqued with an original Laura Lee design.

 Bag back.

 Lined interior, magnetic closure, and two lined pockets.

Just add diapers, wipes, and the kitchen sink...

A note on my bags...  The construction is durable and made to take the wear.  Abby has used hers exclusively for over a year as a diaper bag and purse since she doesn't want to carry two bags.  Let's just say it's seen some abuse.  And it still looks great!

 Flutterby and flower.

 Summersault three piece set ~$65    SOLD thanks!


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Anonymous said...

The bag I won in your first give-away is still beautiful and in good shape. I constantly get compliments on it. I use it to carry my crochet when going to the doctor to while away the time spent in the waiting room. G~Mama (I'm not a robot, I'm yo Mama!)