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Christmas Give-Away!

'Tis the season for another give-away!

I love Christmas. I really do. I'm not the type who leaves my decorations up all year. Nor do I start putting them up before Thanksgiving. Just as soon as Thanksgiving is over, however, I enjoy turning my home into a winter wonderland. And since Thanksgiving is a mere 9 days away, I decided I better get this Christmas give-away ball rolling.

While dreaming of a white Christmas, I dreamed up this cheerful snowman, using scraps from my Christmas quilt project. Snowmen are my chosen holiday motif for the kitchen and family room. And as much as I like him, I thought maybe he'd like to come to your house instead and bring to you a little bit of Laura Lee Christmas cheer. Problem is, he doesn't have a name. And he definitely needs a name.

Just for fun, this give-away will be a little different. Here is where you come in. Please suggest a name for this affable fellow, either by posting a comment to the blog or by emailing me. I'll keep track of who submitted what name, but will only let my impartial judge see the name suggestions. (I haven't yet decided who my impartial judge will be. Obviously it won't be me, or anyone else I know who reads this blog.) Whoever suggests the winning name will win! The winner will be chosen the day after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas holiday season begins in earnest.

"I need a name, please!"

There are two names that I will definitely veto: Frosty and Snowy. Sorry folks, but we're going for something a little more creative than that.

Additionally, I would like to send a handmade snowman Christmas ornament to each person who enters. So, if I don't know you personally, I'll need your mailing address for that. You can email me at:

edited to add: I'm afraid the above address may not be working. Please try this one:

edited AGAIN to add: So sorry guys. I had com instead of net!!!! I heard this one was bouncing and couldn't figure out why. PLEASE try again!

thomastemple at bellsouth dot net

Obviously, type it the "normal" way.

Let the name game begin!

Laura Lee


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I love him......I would call him "Mr. Heartly Coldbritches" Wouldn't you?

Laura Lee said...

Oh, that is precious!

Hanna said...

He is so cute! I want him, I think his name might be Emil? Since today is Astrid Lindgren's 100th birthday and he was her favorite figure in her books. :-)

great quilt!

Laura Lee said...

Well, the names are rolling in by email, too. I love all the names so far and I'm very happy that I don't have to chose!

So far we also have:

"Sylvester" by Grandmama
"Cool Hand Luke" by Ellen
"Willy Melt" by Hon!
"Cledus Snow" by Roy

It is fine to tell me why you chose the name you did, as that will also be submitted to the "judge." Ellen submitted a poem, as well.

Ah, the creativity.....

poofergirl said...

Hi Laura Lee ... I found your blog through Rosie. I've enjoyed reading it. I would call her "Ms. Fridget" ... Like Bridget since she is cold. I am not sure that it is funny if you have to explain it but it is the best I can do. :)

Laura Lee said...

What a cute girl name. I hadn't thought of her as a girl, but she most certainly could be. Thanks for visiting.

skinimini said...

I submit "Mr. Flurry McScurry" for your consideration!

Laura Lee said...

Just when I think all the cutest names have been submitted, in comes another! You all are really outdoing yourselves!

angelaandconnor at said...

I vote for Mr. Snowy Coldbottoms

Laura Lee said...

Great thoughts, people.

Add to these:

"Hector Heartdysseus" by Mandie
(who described Hector from Ancient Greek history, which she just finished with her children)

Laura Lee said...

OK, Lynn is going for back-to-back give away wins with her entry of:

Wilburrr Coleman Hollinski

Just too funny!

Jean said...

Even though I've seen this darling quilt in person and love to make my own, I wouldn't mind adding him to my collection with his new name:

Mr. Arctic Slushafrush!

PS I finished Austin's Hunter Star quilt today!

Laura Lee said...

I like your sense of humor!

Congrats on finishing another quilt!

Laura Lee said...

And the latest submission:

Mr Chili Beans by Erika

Time's about to run out! Submit your entries soon!!

Laura Lee said...

Two more in, just under the wire:

Sam by Mrs. Kipe


Sid by Misty

Good luck to everyone! Judging later today. My judge is out playing golf....

Lisa said...

You are immensely talented. And as was reading over your blog I kept thinking to myself, "Will you be my mother?" Oh my, you truly have endeared yourself! I know NO ONE like you. Your children, I'm sure, at this age, have no clue what you're doing for their future Mom-Memories. How could they? No one gets it until their older. I cannot express enough to you that this Blog needs to be shared. Read between the lines.