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Abby's Elfing Service and Santa's Workshop

This year, Abby has really helped me out by getting the little girls out of the house for a few hours. I needed some uninterrupted time for sewing. The two littlest girls are getting American Girl colonial era dolls for Christmas and I wanted to make each of their dolls a couple of frocks.

So as they drove down the driveway, this corner of our bedroom...

...turned into this... 12.04 seconds.

The race was on to sew faster than the elves shopped. (Not an easy assignment.) Abby called a few times from Elf Central to inquire how Santa was coming along. She had already taken them to Arby's, covered every square inch of the mall, and was heading to Marble Slab for ice cream. "Take your time!" I told her. "Eat slowly!"

The first day I made these little dresses and pinafores.

A few nights before, I had stealthily cross-stitched the hearts onto the fabric right under their little noses, without them suspecting a thing. "Those are pretty hearts, Mama!"

"Oh, thank you, Maggie!"

Today, while they were on excursion #2, I managed to finish up these dresses:

I'd still love to make each doll a nightgown, but I'm running out of time. Abby has been such a trooper! I'm very thankful that she loves her sisters so much and enjoys carting them all over town!

Thank you, Abby. You're Santa's best elf! And you are totally rockin' that cow print jacket, girl!

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