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Howdy Pardner!

Lacy and I are really excited. Our friend Chuck has graciously offered to begin teaching us how to ride reining horses. For years Lacy has asked to ride. Finally God has provided a wonderful opportunity for her to learn. Yesterday we went out to Chuck's ranch and had our first "lesson." Mostly we just met the horses and watched Chuck demonstrate some of the moves he preforms in the show ring.

Lacy did get to climb in the saddle and get a few pointers.

It's been years since I rode a horse regularly, so I had to dig out the old boots and give them a thorough cleaning and polishing.

Lacy had no boots for riding, so she got herself an early Christmas present yesterday. We stopped by Tractor Supply Co. on the way home and fit her in a snazzy new pair! She's all ready for riding bright and early next Saturday morning.

Now that's one cute Chinese cowgirl!

Below is a video I made of Chuck spinning his horse "Shaker." He tells us we'll be doing this, too. Watch it and tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

She is adorable!! (with or w/o boots!!) That is a dream of mine too... I am so happy you two are getting to do that. Keep us posted on your "range" adventures.

Misty for the B's

Alyssa said...

I wish i had a horse to ride! Love the boots, Lacy!!
The REAL Hon