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Children's Christmas Tree

We made an addition to our family room decorations this Christmas. It is a 4' white tree pre-lit with colored lights sitting atop a dresser.

First, the girls got busy and fashioned a garland from a rainbow of colorful and sparkly pom-poms.

Then we hung brightly colored shiny glass balls and all the ornaments we have that resemble toys.

Of course, there is a liberal sprinkling of snowmen on this tree.

Including the one at the very top....

And beneath the tree sit toys and teddies who make their appearance only during this season, like this teddy I found for 10 cents in a thrift store at the beach. He told me he needed a good home.

The most cherished toy is Charlie Brown, who was Tom's first Christmas present in 1961. If you look closely, you can see where baby Thomas chewed on Charlie's tuft of hair.

Hi, Charlie! It's so good to see you again! You look very happy under the children's special tree.

All of us kids, young and old alike, are enjoying this lighthearted addition to the room.

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