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Stichin' Love and a Braggity Moment

Is it cold where you are?

We are quite chilly here. Lacy and Bella have been camped out by the fire all morning, Lacy working on some crochet. She made the crocheted Christmas throw that they are lying on. She never divulges her secrets; so I wonder what she is up to now....?

Here is what she was up to on Friday night. She played The First Noel at her recital with her good friend, Rachel. Please humor me in this braggity moment....

Aren't they good?? They have both been taking violin for a little over a year.

Anyway, I know what Bella is up to. She's trying to stay warm, as you can tell by her not one, but two sweaters. Don't laugh. If you only weighed five pounds and had almost no fur, you'd be chilly too. Besides, the girl has style and the layered look is IN!

Meanwhile I'm working on some Christmas stiching. It's a little gifty for someone who will necessarily remain unnamed. This is a linen "doily" for lack of a better word. My mom found some of these at an estate sale and graciously gave them to me, knowing I love anything vintage. I thought it was the perfect foundation for some redwork.

Speaking of redwork, here is a favorite Christmas quilt that I made several years ago. I lucked into this one, half-made, thanks to Ellen, who made one, then started this one and didn't want to finish it! It has seven redwork blocks with Christmas motifs. I think the pattern is called Irish Chain. I love to display it in the family room each Christmas.

I'm back to stitchin'! Time's a wastin', as they say!

Stay warm!

Laura Lee

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Hon's Daddy said...

Yes, they are very good!
Thanks for sharing with us.

btw, I hope we dont always have to ask permission to brag....I never do!
You shouldn't either!! Brag on!