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It's Gotta Go!

The first home improvement project for 2008 involves removing the last bastion of flowered wallpaper from our home. To say that the previous owners liked roses is an understatement. Now coming from me, that might sound strange. I love the garden, on the table, painted on canvas, or stitched on a pretty pillow. I just don't want them on every vertical space in huge quantities.

Abby has been pestering me to get this done. The project involves the hall bathroom upstairs, which has been a lovely shade of pink with roses cascading down from the ceiling. It's got to go. We've lived with it for seven years and we're ready for a change.

So my eager four year old was tickled when I told her she had permission to start ripping it down. Soon, others arrived and there were several of us pulling and tearing. It's going to take some work...the paper backing didn't want to come off on the first try. I despise wall paper! Never, in all the years of removing it has it ever come off easily.

What color will the bathroom be?? Well, we're striving for a "beach cottage meets tropical paradise" feel. The walls will be a calm, relaxing blue, but there will be a few bright accents, including a totally cool piece of artwork my parents are giving me.

This photo from is our inspiration. Notice the white towels? With teenagers who use Oxy Wash, there will be no brightly colored towels in here!

Stay tuned!

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Hon's Daddy said...

We did that once. It took days to get all the paper off, and the walls ready for paint!