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Will You Play With Me?

Hi again!

It's me, Barbie. I used to be called Maggie Rose, but I changed my name the other day. So I would appreciate it if you would call me by my new name.

Every once in a while, Mommy lets me blog for her when she is too busy. Right now she's taking wall paper down, so I thought I'd show you my room. This is where I play while my sisters are doing school and Mommy is busy doing other "stuff."

I share my room with my sister, Holly. Her name is still Holly. She hasn't changed it yet. She thinks it is silly that I changed my name. But what does she know?

Anyhow, here is our bed. We have LOTS of animals. Mommy says we have too many. But we love all of them, so they are staying. The nightstand is full of Bible story books. Every night Daddy reads us a Bible story and does a Brain Quest with us. Then he prays with us before he tucks us in.

Above our bed is the quilt Mommy made for us. It is called Grandma's Flower Garden. It should be called Granddaddy's Flower Garden because he is the one who loves to plant flowers.

Holly loves her new American Girl doll that she got for Christmas. Every morning, she changes her out of her night gown into her play clothes. Today she is dressed like Laura, from Little House on the Prairie. We love to watch that on TV.

Here is our Barbie House. In case you forgot, that would be MY house, now. We play with this a LOT. Mommy says we have WAY TOO MANY Barbies. I don't agree. A girl can not have too many Barbies. It's like having too much money or being too thin. Just impossible.

These shelves hold our toys. Mommy likes it when they are very straight. They are not always straight, but a few weeks ago we had company, so they are really straight now. Mommy says we need to keep them this way. It's hard when you're little, you know? I like to make messes! But Holly loves to keep things straight. Mommy says she is obsessive/compulsive about being neat. I have NO idea what that means. I just know she helps me when I get too messy. She is such a good big sister.

Mommy and Daddy got us these name paintings in China. I think they are really pretty. The man did these very fast because we were in a hurry to catch a plane to come home.

I'm so happy you came to play. Won't you come again soon? Now I think I'll have a tea party with my bears.



Anonymous said...

Hi Barbie!
I enjoyed seeing your room and playing with you but I DO miss Maggie Rose! Hope she comes back real soon! Holly's American Girl doll is really pretting in her dress from Little House on the Prairie.
I love you

Alyssa said...

Hey, Barbie!
I like your room, it's relly pretty! I also like to watch Little House on the Prairie. Have fun!!
The Hon

Hon's Daddy said...

Mommy wants to know where you found these?

Laura Lee said...

There was a man painting this directly across from the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou.

Laura Lee said...

When you're in Guangzhou this summer getting Jasmine, I'll need you to grab us one that says "Barbie."

Hon's Daddy said...

Thank you! Tell Barbie that we would be more than happy to get one for her!

Abby St Clair said...

Love little miss Barbie. Now she's just a sassy nine year old.

Abby St Clair said...

Love that little miss Barbie. Now she's just a sassy nine year old.