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Tea for Two and Two for Tea

Lookie what my friend Jean made for me! She surprised me at Christmas with this adorable tea cup quilt. Jean worked on this in my presence, even asking me to show her how to do the blanket stitching around the appliques, all under the guise of making it for her sweet Aunt Bessie!

Then she told me that Aunt Bessie had changed her mind, so Jean thought she'd hang it in her office at work. She said she wasn't going to hang it in her house because it didn't match her colors. I said, "Well, it matches MY colors!"

Turns out, Jean was making this for me all along! She stopped by one day to show me the finished quilt before she hung it up at work. I turned it over to look at the back.


Ladybugs are one of my favorite things!

Thank you, Jean! You're the only person to ever make a quilt for me!

Laura Lee


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Hi Laura Lee
What a generous friend you have! I am a quilter too and I love bright colors and teapots so I think your quilt is just perfect! I have some pictures of a couple of quilts I made on my blog. Maybe you can stop by for a visit sometime. Rhondi