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And the Winner Is....

I decided to do things a little differently this time. I numbered all the entries in the order in which I received them, with a total of 28. Then, I went to and used their random number generator. The winning number was 19.

Lea Rainey Bessey, you won the quilt!!!

Oh, this is so fun! Lea and I have just recently reconnected via Facebook. We went to high school together in Warner Robins, GA. But actually, we didn't know each other until we attended Middle Georgia College in the fall of 1980. Wow! What fun, freshman-year memories those are! I dug through some old photos to find one of Lea and me. The only one I found was at a Halloween party; I was a gypsy and Lea was a zombie. Lea, how much will you pay me to keep that one off the World Wide Web?

Old friends have the best blackmail photos, don't you know?

Lea, I'll be packaging up the little quilt along with some fun fallish things and sending them out to you in a hurry!

I'll leave you all with my favorite quotes from your comments and emails.

  • .... that nip in the air and the crispness in the blue sky.
  • ...the crunchy loud sounds of the freshly fallen leaves when we go tromping through the woods...
  • I think of fall as the last blast of party time before God settles his world down for a long winter's sleep.
  • ...the geese flying overhead in a perfect V, honking and calling out, announcing to everyone that cooler weather is coming...
  • I am reminded of God's love for me when I see his creation!
  • ...delicious pies dusted with cinnamon and cloves and hot spiced beverages!
  • Fall to me is the time that God really puts the paints on His Creations!
  • ...things like hay-rides, pumpkins, ciders, craft fairs,
  • ...pulling out all of the jackets and wearing a sweater.
  • Cooler weather warms my heart!

  • I love the symbolism of how beautiful the death of the leaves is, and how it heralds new life.
  • ...throwing on a fluffy robe and making coffee first thing in the morning...
  • ...snuggling up under a Mommy-made quilt for a good chat with none other than Mommy herself...
  • I seem to have so much more energy in the fall!
  • ...the smell of mom's pumpkin candles and playing games on the floor as a family when dad came home from hunting.
  • I love the colors but not the leaf raking!
Thank you everyone for playing along! Have a beautiful fall weekend!

Laura Lee


Anonymous said...

Terribly jealous, but happy you and a friend have connected. Congratulations!!! Maybe next year. ;->

It's beautiful.

Laura Lee said...

Christmas, Misty. Think Christmas! :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad that Lea won. I know she'll treasure it since you made it!

JoyinChina said...

Congratulations, Lea! It's something you can treasure for years. :)