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Chasing Falling Leaves and Laughing Until You Cry

Thanks, everyone!

It's been delightful to read all the entries to the fall quilt give-away. While I paint with fabric, you paint with words, covering all the senses--the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, and textures of fall! It was easy to just close my eyes and imagine all the beautiful scenes in my mind, from smoke dancing out of chimney tops and vivid hues exploding on trees to leaves crunching underfoot.

Cinnamon and Cider.

Pumpkins and Patchwork.

Festivals and Football.

You All L~O~V~E Fall!

I enjoyed one of Lynn's descriptions so much, I decided to name the quilt with it!

"Chasing Falling Leaves and Laughing Until You Cry"

'Preciate it, Lynn. That pretty much sums up the mood of this quilt....falling leaves and bright, playful colors that hopefully make your heart sing! I hand quilted this little piece, and it measures just over 20 inches square, perfect for your table or your wall.

There is still time to enter, if you haven't. I'd love to read some more beautiful word pictures, so keep them coming! In addition to the blog, a lot of entries have come to my Facebook and my email, so I'll copy my favorite descriptions and post them on Friday when I draw a name for the winner.

And don't you worry. Quality is assured by Bella. She gives it four paws up!

In the meantime, you have a beautiful week!
Laura Lee


Anonymous said...

It is lovely and would look great drapped over moi....


JoyinChina said...

So pretty! I love it!!!

Bonnie Smith said...

that quilt is beautiful! what a talent you have. Fall is my favorite time of year...i remember growing up coming inside on those long fall evenings to the smell of mom's pumpkin candles and playing games on the floor as a family when dad came home from hunting. :) good memories that we hope to recreate for our kids someday. :) it's beautiful!!!!