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She Keeps Us in Stitches!

Lacy, our resident yarn buff, has been stitching up some stylish togs for her little sisters' American Girl dolls.  She amazes me the way she can fashion these without a pattern.  She just dreams them up and turns them out like it's nothing.  Today I thought I'd show you some of her latest creations. (click on the photos to enlarge them)

This is Holly's doll, Elizabeth, ready for a day of shopping on the town. 

Here is Felicity, Maggie's doll, warming up in ballet class. 

By the way, Felicity and Elizabeth are best friends.

Elizabeth removed her poncho to show you her adorable top and
skirt ensemble.  The shoes are also crocheted.

Felicity is all gussied up in her formal evening wear.
The black and white dress works for any special occasion.

Showing you another style is Elizabeth,
with a quick change into her jumper.

Here Felicity dons her black pants and green poncho.
Her boots are really fun, with their fuzzy tops!

Did I tell you that Elizabeth is engaged?

 So is Felicity...imagine that!

They are planning a double wedding in the Spring! 

Lacy would like you to know that she would be happy to create clothes for your daughter's, granddaughter's, or friend's American Girl doll as well.  Just give me a holler at the email address in the sidebar if you're interested.



Anonymous said...

How amazing! She's already making clothes for MY granddaughters' dolls! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Lacy! You are SO talented! I love you. G~Mama

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your ability Lacy. Do I see a career in fashion design for you?? You are so very talented!

Anonymous said...

Oops...didn't sign my name to the last comment and signed in as anonymous so you would have never known it was me :)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing, especially considering no pattern. Too bad I don't have any little girls or I'd put you to work. :-) I hope you do get some interest in your talent. I'm proud to say you're my neice. Love you lots.
A. Rochelle