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Sewing Room Makeover


My sewing room has been a work in progress for the past year or so.  Various and sundry "kids" have moved in and out of this bedroom for years.  However, I knew when it was vacated for good, it would become my designated sewing room.  It also doubles as a guest room, with a day bed, and a pop-up trundle underneath.  Still, there is a lot of room in here for spreading out and letting those creative juices flow.

I've been making it as cheery and bright as I can.  Today, for instance, I recovered my ironing board.  Goodness!  It was a sight! I can't believe I'm even going to show you the before picture.  But here it is. I have had a beautiful, cottagey floral set aside for this project, and I finally dragged it out and made this in less than half an hour. 

I layered the floral fabric with some cotton batting, then flipped the ironing board over, traced around it, and cut it out,  leaving approximately three inches on all sides.

Then I folded over the edge about half an inch and took it to the sewing machine to stitch that down.  Afterwards, I folded it over another half inch, sewing it down and inserting the scavanged string from the old cover as I went. 

Voila!  Such an improvement!  And it now coordinates with the pillows on the daybed and the quilt that hangs behind it.   Now I may even enjoy ironing.

Don't laugh.  I said, "may."

Below is the sewing table with my nearly 20 year-old Bernina.  I seriously would not trade it for a new one.  I love this machine!  (Well, as much as you can love something that can't love you back!)

My happy Chinese children pin cushion....thanks, Erika!

This enamel-top antique table is a favorite of mine.  It is perfect as a cutting table, with the rotary cutting mat there on the top.  I thought it needed some pretty, pink sides, so I went to town with some paint.  And I added a little scrapbook paper to the drawer with Mod Podge.  Mmmmm, these colors make me so happy!


So, what's next project-wise?  These fabulous fabrics are going to become a little quilt and I'm so excited to start, I can hardly stand it.  Stay tuned 'cause I'm gonna show you how to do this one.  I'm planning to cut those 13 fabrics in one fell swoop and turn out some really cool star blocks.  AND, my plan is to make two of these.  One for me, one of you!



In the meantime, cuddle up with a friend and have a great weekend.  We plan to!



Anonymous said...


When do I get to see it in person? It's beautiful! The colors remind me of spring. It's very nice! I know you are sooooo happy to have that room!


Laura Lee said...

Thanks, Shanda! You are welcome anytime!

JoyinChina said...

What a beautiful room to work in! I am sure the attractive surroundings will help your already prodigious creative juices to flow freely! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the room. One day, maybe I'll have such a room. Till then....I'll be glad I have a place to put my machine and leave it set up, even if the space is a little cramped. :-)

Next time we are together (or you are at my house), remind me to let you go through some of my gazillion pieces of fabric. I have several I am sure would work great for quilting (which I don't do), that I doubt I'll ever use for anything else.

Have a great weekend.

bradley said...

I took a nap in that room today! I love that room! It looks great Mom :)