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Thrifty Treasures


Confession time.

One of the reasons I love coming to the beach to visit my parents at their timeshare is because there are so many great thrift shops here.  So far on this trip I've found a pile of vintage Christmas ornaments and a couple beautiful crocheted afghans.  Oh, and a five dollar chair that will soon be sporting a new paint job and added to my sewing room....  And an exquisite cross-stitch for the kitchen....  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  And a OLD tole painted tray!  I've wanted one forever.  A buck-fifty?   Are you kidding me?  So awesome!

Here are a few of my faves from the booty:

Santa in the washtub, with his washcloth and bar of soap!

Snowmen warm my heart!

Can such a perky red bird be had for a mere twenty-five cents?
I'm here to tell you, "Yep, it can."

I loved this new wool afghan the minute I saw it, but thought the $20 price tag was a little high.  Then I found out the lady is selling her things to raise money for experimental treatments for her brain tumor. 


It was done deal at that point.  Isn't it fabulous? 


Between thrifting jaunts and eating way too much of Grandmama's cooking, I'm finishing up the last of the stitching on the border of "Oh, By Golly!"  But this won't get quilted right away, 'cause I have to get crankin' on the Christmas give-away quilt, which, by the way, is all pulled together in my head now. I hope you'll all enter to win it. 

The beach was great the first few days.  Now we're socked in with rain from Ida.

Ida know, I think I'll just keep stitchin' and make the best of it.

Enjoy your day.  Rain or shine!


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Kim McAbee said...

Just figured out how to post on your blog. I suggested names on your FB. Snowman: Dreamer / Bird: Homebird or Homer Since it's "Only in your dreams..." and about being "home"