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We Have a Winner, and a Winner, and a Winner!

I can't even tell you how glad I am that this little drawing is over!  I've been so excited all day to see who won "If Only In My Dreams."

After a hefty lunch, while most of the couches and beds were filled with happy nappers, I was finishing up the little ornaments I promised to give away.   Then I had to print out all the entries.  And finally, I had to make a list of all the name suggestions.  All these little loose ends needed to be finished before we could get to the fun part!

Ryan volunteered to be the official name drawer.  We tossed the names into a Christmas gift bag and he wasted no time pulling out a winner.

Gena Lewis!!!  

Come on down!  You won my little Christmas quilt!!

Gena lives here right here in A-town!  We attend the same church.  And her dog Luke is Bella's brother.  So gosh, that makes us practically family, right Gena??

Gena, I just realized I misspelled your name on your entry!  Sorry, girl!

Next it was Tom's turn.  Name suggestions in hand, he moved to the living room so he'd have fewer distractions.  Does my man take his job seriously, or what?

 It was a tough, but he loves a challenge. 

Meet Niño Blanco Frio!  Tom thought this was great:  Cold White Boy!  Ha Ha!  Monica Wells, you get to hang this little guy on your tree!

So far, so good.  Two A-Town girls.  No shipping yet....

Till.... came time to name this little cutie.

Meet Piccolo, who was named by Becky Chennault.  Piccolo will be winging her way across the ocean to... Nanjing, China!  Piccolo is VERY happy about that.  She may never stop singing now!

Seriously, this was loads of fun!  Thanks everyone for your great name suggestions, for playing along, and for making this drawing one I won't forget.  I love all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Now it's MY turn for a nap!


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Anonymous said...

That was fun!!!! Congrats to all!!!!! Good job, Tom! Laura, you are so sweet to give away those quilts!!!!!
"It is more blessed to give than to receive!" Love to all the Temple's!

Shanda and Sarah Grace