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Sky Top Orchard

Yesterday we drove to Flat Rock, NC with friends to spend the afternoon at Sky Top Orchard.  (click the pics to enlarge.)

Beautiful October afternoons were made for fun times like this!  A gentle breeze was blowing and a slight chill was in the air.  It is no longer summertime.

 Acres of apple trees offered up their bounty to eager pickers.  Pregnant ladies are allowed to eat whilst they pick.

Since many of the lower branches were picked clean, our resident monkey volunteered to climb up and toss the apples down...

to the little ones...

...on the ground.

The obligatory group shot.

Good thing Tim pulled the loot down the mountain in a wagon.

A few little hitchhikers bummed a ride towards the end.

But, somehow they mustered up enough energy for the playground!

This is little Aislynn.  She's such a sweetheart! Just think y'all, next year Kyle will be this size!!

Holly liked the pumpkins!

 Nessa liked the apple donuts.  Actually, we all did!  They were...

finger licking good!

Aislynn gives the whole experience a hearty thumbs up!



Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Love, G~Mama

ebernhardt said...

glad y'all got to go apple picking... brings back memories when we all went apple picking here in NY at Beak and Skiff...

Laura Lee said...

Ellen, I hadn't gone apple picking since that time with you in NY 21 years ago this month! What great memories the boys, Tom, and I have of that!