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Some Girls Have All the Luck!

Abby and I set out today on a mission to hunt down the perfect candle to accompany the mat in this Fall Give-Away.  Before completely overloading our olfactory senses with sweet, spicy, flowery scents, we settled on a wonderful Laura Ashley Pumpkin Nutmeg soy candle.

After tossing all 30 entries into a bowl, I asked Lacy to draw a name.

Rochelle, you won the candle and mat!  Some girls really do have all the luck and I'd have to say that yours is running really high right now.  The rest of you may remember that Rochelle is the only person to correctly guess Baby Saint's name.  And to top it all off and make it super fun, Rochelle and my brother, Doug, and their three boys are stopping by for a visit this weekend on their way from their home in Alabama to North Carolina.  So she can pick up her brownies from the name-game contest and her candle/mat all in one fell swoop, saving me a bunch on shipping.

I promise I didn't rig this drawing....

Keep an eye out for the annual Christmas Give-Away coming up at the end of next month.  I have no idea yet what it will be, but I'll try to make it something really special.



Anonymous said...

Some of my "luck" must have rubbed off on her after 15 years! Congratulations, Rochelle.
G~Mama (your mean old m-i-l)

Anonymous said...

WoW! Cool, I didn't expect to win this too. I look forward to getting this pretty little LL creation and making my kitchen smell yummy this fall. See you soon.