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Christmas in October

Ho! Ho! Ho! I was so excited to find a package from Ellen in the mail yesterday. She finished her part of "our" Christmas quilts and mailed me my rows. Aren't they lovely?

This is the poinsettia row.
This is the tree row. This is the basket row. I just love the fabrics she chose. Thank you, Ellen! This quilt will be so very special because we did it together. I am working on the last of my rows. My goal is to have Ellen's rows in the mail to her tomorrow!

Here is how I'm making the star blocks. These are paper-pieced, which is a really fun way to make a block.
The pattern is traced onto thin paper and the pieces are sewn together right through the paper, which is then torn away. This makes the points perfect (or nearly so), and keeps everything straight when working with angles. Each star has eight little units. The units are rotary trimmed before completing the block. I was afraid these would be difficult to do. However, they are, in fact, quite fun and easy to do. This is one unit. I need seven more of these for my block.... I really like the three-dimensional effect that these have when they are completed. The difficult part has been tracing all the patterns onto the tracing paper. I couldn't get it to go through the copier without wadding up, so I've done all the tracing by hand, a slow laborious process. I needed 128 patterns for the 16 star blocks. Eegads!

OK, back to work. I'm going to halt this project for a few minutes and create a "happy" for a little friend who broke her finger yesterday. Get well soon, Alyssah.

Holly and Alyssah at the Fall Festival.
Laura Lee

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