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Once Upon a Time


I'm Maggie Rose. I just wuv weddings! Yesterday I went to my first ever wedding. It was vewwy pwetty! I'm going to tell you the story!

My mommy has a sister named Kathleen. She and Uncle Noah had lotsa boys! Here are all their boys. Don't they look smart all dressed up in tuxedos?

One of the boys is James. He fell in love with Kathryn and they decided to get may-weed!

Mommy couldn't take pit-churs during the wedding, but at the end, they KISSED! That was the best part! I sat in Mommy's lap, so I could see everything. Kathryn looked so pwetty in her dress.

After that they took a bunch of pit-churs. Then, we went to a fancy restaurant and ate yummy food. The cakes were so pwetty! Here is the bride's cake.

My mommy says this chocolate cake is the best she ever tasted. That means it was rewwy good because she is an expert on chocolate!

Here is my big bwudder, Bwad, with James. When they were liddle, they played togedder a lot. You know, boy stuff like army and cowboys.

Here are me and Bwad. He took this pit-chur. Bwad likes to goof around a lot! He is so fun. My udder bwudder, Ryan, couldn't come. I missed him.

Here are me and my sisters. Don't we look be-yoo-ti-ful?

Mommy says this is what girls do when they use the powder room. But, I think just Abby does this.

Then it was time for them to leave. Here is Aunt Kathleen hugging her boy good-bye. Why do Mommies cry when their boys get may-weed?

They spent a long time looking for something. Mommy says it was the marriage license and it is rewwy important!

I'm glad they finally found it. Because if they hadn't, they would have to do all this again!

They are driving fast because Mommy says they are going to Florida to see Mickey Mouse! That's not fair because I'm a liddle kid and I haven't gone to Florida to see Mickey Mouse.

When Kathryn threw her bouquet, Deana caught it. This is Deana and Thomas. They are getting married next year! Yippee! Another wedding!!

My favorite part was blowing bubbles! I WUV bubbles!

Oh, here is the quilt mommy made for James and Kathryn. She finished the binding in the car driving over here! Silly Mommy!

We had a long drive home. I was pooped. This is me on the way home. I was dreaming of finding my prince one day and getting may-weed!

Maggie Rose


Alyssa said...

Maggie! This is so cool! I love the story, and, yes, you all look very be-yoo-ti-ful! Thank you for sharing with us!

Janice said...

Maggie - I love your story about the wedding. Everyone looked so beautiful! Mom must be so proud of you - she should be!!!! The chocolate cake looks just yummy.
Great job sharing your day with everyone. Give Bella a hug for me.